The Ramirez Investment Institute: Training the Next Generation of Finance Professionals


As one of the oldest and largest Hispanic institutions on Wall Street , Ramirez is committed to continuing to strengthen our communities through the giving of our time, skills, and expertise. While many of the top colleges and universities see continuous focus from the top financial institutions, Ramirez seeks to expand the availability of educational opportunities for students at schools which may not receive as much additional attention.


Ramirez & Company has created the Ramirez Investment Institute, a series of informative presentations on an array of focuses within the financial industry. Each module is taught by senior members of the firm with decades of industry experience. With an emphasis on training the next generation of finance professionals, the Ramirez Investment Institute aims to educate future professionals looking to embark on a career in the financial industry.


Ramirez has seen strong interest from a range of universities and professional groups looking to provide their students and employees with access to the Ramirez Investment Institute modules. Additionally, the program provides opportunities for students to directly engage with senior Ramirez employees in Q&A sessions as well as pursue available internship and employment opportunities at the firm.

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