The Power of Hispanic Inclusion™


Reciprocity is a simple equation. As the US Hispanic population continues to grow and evolve, so should our representation in leadership positions in Corporate America.


For over 30 years, the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) has been at the forefront of Hispanic inclusion, making the business case for Hispanic inclusion and addressing the misconception that there are not enough qualified Hispanics to fill leadership roles in Corporate America.

To build a robust pipeline of Hispanic talent, HACR has created five signature leadership development programs to develop leadership and managerial skills, and to share best practices in diversity and inclusion.

In 2007, HACR launched the HACR Corporate Directors Summit™ program to further the organization’s mission to increase the number of Hispanics serving on corporate boards; and the HACR Young Hispanic Corporate Achievers™ (YHCA) program to identify and recognize the best and the brightest future Hispanic corporate leaders.

In 2008, the HACR Corporate Executives Forum™ program was created to provide the most senior corporate executives at Fortune 500 companies with a forum to discuss business issues, challenges, and solutions, as well as the opportunity to network with peers from throughout Corporate America.

Later on, HACR identified the need to motivate, empower, and reconnect past HACR YHCA participants, so in 2011 the HACR Corporate Achievers Summit™ program was born.

Finally, the HACR Leadership Pipeline Program expands opportunities for high-potential talent to network and develop leadership and managerial skills to take them to the next level and positively impact their respective companies.

It is our responsibility to ensure that Corporate America’s workforce is reflective of the communities they serve. To this end, HACR is committed to working with our corporate partners, stakeholders, and others to provide them with the expertise and tools that are necessary to ensure the inclusion of Hispanics in the areas of employment, procurement, philanthropy, and governance.


To date, HACR has over 300 program participants and 67 corporate members who are working with HACR to drive diversity and inclusion in Corporate America.


Ariana Solis Gomez
[email protected]


The CEO Action for Inclusion pledge is the first step in addressing the lack of diversity and inclusion in Corporate America. I am honored to work collectively with CEOs from the public and private sectors to move the needle and accelerate progress. As the President CEO of HACR, I am committed to ensuring that Hispanics are adequately represented at all levels in Corporate America.

Cid Wilson
President & CEO, HACR
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