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We recognize that in order to help our readers understand the world, it is critical that the Times not only create a more diverse workplace with journalists and employees of diverse backgrounds, but that we also develop a work environment that is fair and inclusive. As we do the work required to advance key diversity and inclusion initiatives, it is also important that we hold ourselves accountable for the improvement we hope to see – at our company and throughout our industry.


We released our first public report on diversity and inclusion, including data about the gender and ethnic composition of our staff, which will be updated annually.

The report was developed under the leadership of our publisher and C.E.O., who consulted members of our senior management team, leaders of our employee resource groups and other colleagues for input on how to make The Times a better place to work for all of our colleagues.

Additionally, because we understood publishing this data for the first time would raise many questions among our staff, we paired the report’s release with a series of town halls with our leadership team, which now occur monthly. These town halls provide a transparent forum for continued conversation as a community and opportunities to check on progress.


The Times now has a task force of staff across our company’s newsroom and business operations that is charged with developing the report’s content each year. We are also developing a new role that can help managers use data to identify trends, generate insights and shape initiatives to accelerate our diversity efforts.

Participation in CEO Action helps energize and focus diversity and inclusion efforts at The New York Times. One result was our first ever public report on the gender and ethnic composition of our staff, which we’ve committed to update annually. A second was the launch of our new Recruitment Toolkit, a set of standard guidelines and best practices to promote fair and unbiased hiring and promotion. Although it is still early in its implementation, the Toolkit is already delivering meaningful results across the company.

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