The L.I.N.K Network Mentoring Program


Radian is committed to developing and supporting its talented, diverse employees. Our L.I.N.K. Program (Lead Inspire Network Know) identified a need for a formal mentoring program to engage employees in developing valuable skills in support of their professional development and promote a diverse, innovative workforce.


The L.I.N.K. Mentoring Program provides an opportunity for members to share knowledge, make connections, and increase one another’s capabilities.  This program focuses on supporting personal and professional development, as well as enhancing contributions each employee makes towards Radian’s ongoing success.  Employees with at least one year of service are eligible to participate in the four month mentoring cycles. 

What makes L.I.N.K. Mentoring unique is the focus on specific skill development, not on general career advancement.  As a result, pairs may not look like the traditional mentoring set up; pairs may be peers or “reversed levels”.  The pair creates an outcome-based goal at the beginning of the program, which becomes the focus of the engagement.  Some suggested skills and abilities to focus on enhancing are included below.

  • Presentations: facilitation skills, presentation skills, etc.
  • Communication: verbal, written, giving feedback, etc.
  • Problem Solving: decision-making, handling conflict, brainstorming, creative thinking, etc.
  • Planning: project management, time management, organizing and prioritizing workload, etc.
  • Getting Results: team collaboration, influence, negotiation, networking, strategic thinking/planning, risk taking, goal setting, etc.
  • Business Presence: professionalism/business etiquette, interviewing, building rapport, networking, etc.
  • Other

Feedback from program participants has been positive with the vast majority of participants recommending the program for others – over 50% of participants from the initial program roll-out have returned for another cycle mentoring with a new match. Participants stated the program helped them strengthen valuable job skills that directly support their professional development and career growth potential.  In addition, both mentors and mentees feel more connected with people and business areas across the organization. 


Anita Scott, SVP & CHRO

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