The GEM Fellowship


In spite of the fact that research has shown that diverse groups outperform their homogenous counterparts, there still persists a lack of diversity in STEM fields.


The GEM Fellowship is a mechanism through which corporations and universities can come together to identify and financially support the best and brightest diverse individuals to enable them to pursue their Masters and PhDs in STEM fields. For over the past 40 years, GEM has been producing the best and brightest diverse talent in the nation like individuals such as Ursula Burns (Chairman and CEO of VEON), Reggie Van Lee (Executive Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton, retired), Sylvia Acevedo (CEO, Girl Scouts USA), 50% of the minority Deans of Engineering schools and a couple of their male counterparts as well. Not to mention the numerous national lab director award recipients, patent creators, entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders that are part of the family. For corporations and universities, the return on investment for supporting a GEM fellowship are access to the best and brightest diverse talent in the country, access to mid-level and senior diverse talent through the alumni network, price arbitrage opportunities and subsequent cost savings when compared to internal tuition reimbursement programs and recruitment expense reduction as talent is available online, pre vetted and matched for you to evaluate.


To date, GEM has supported over 4,000 fellows who have impacted STEM through the over 120 universities and 40+ employers that are members of the consortium. The average GPA of a GEM fellow is 3.5 and close to 100% of them complete their education.


Brennon Marcano
[email protected]


Creativity is not fluid. It is a bang, a spark, a moment. That moment has a greater chance of existing when many different perspectives converge in one area like flammable gas to the match. Diversity will lead U.S. STEM to greater heights.

Brennon Marcano
CEO, The National GEM Consortium
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