The Brand Leadership Institute Empowers Women To Advance


Boston Scientific aimed to foster a culture where all female employees can reach their full potential. The IC division wanted to identify new tools to empower women to live, learn and lead in a different way.


BSC partnered with Velvet Suite to execute The Brand Leadership Institute® (BLI). This development platform offers a cohort-model that delivers on-demand, personalized coaching, interactive original, curated work/life content and a supportive, accountability community. This scalable platform reduced the cost of executive coaching, while increasing the speed, reach and success metrics for building a pipeline of top performers. Women access their personalized platform at anytime and receive 12 courses of personal brand coaching week-to-week. Participants also received access to "Master Class" Webinars and Podcasts with 30+ experts and renown industry executives. Each participant is matched with an accountability partner who is also a participant in the BLI experience. The community is backed by BS-She, the ERG Group for IC which provided ongoing support, networking and advocacy.


Since, its launch, the BLI has scaled to four cohorts. HR has played a strategic role in integrating the BLI into the talent management process for IC to track progress. BSC has benefited from a sustainable, scalable and cost-effective approach to development.

  • 32% promotion rate (included some of the non IC participants)
  • 80% retention rate of the first cohort
  • 100% of participants matched with a peer-coach and accountability partner

Participants identified the greatest value as the opportunity to authentically define their own life and career plan based upon discovery of purpose, mission and vision as the foundation of personal brand value.

"It (BLI) has had a fantastic impact on me and my career. I am more empowered and more confident to ask for what I want. It has helped me change." - Kim - Graduate who recently was promoted.

  • 100% of participants believe BLI is an effective coaching experience to support womens advancement
  • 100% believe that BSC is committed to their personal and professional success

Our ability to deliver on our mission of transforming lives through meaningful innovation is driven by the diverse perspectives and contributions of every employee. Through initiatives such as our Brand Leadership Institute, we are accelerating the advancement of women and diverse business leaders through tailored programs that help enable each individual to reach their full potential.

Mike Mahoney
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