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The Balanced Slate Process


Recruit Women and People of Color for Leadership Positions.

Our desire is to expand diversity in candidate pools for Officer-level positions.


Modify the Recruiting Process for External Positions

Created candidate slate recruitment requirements for Officer-level roles. 

Internal Modifications:

  • The Hiring Manager would commit to interview a final slate of 5 candidates.
  • Of the 5 candidates, 1 is to be a Woman and 1 a Person of Color.
    • (Note: A Female Person of Color cannot hold 2 spots)
  • Performance-Based Hiring Training was developed and is available to all Hiring Managers.
  • An 85% Balanced-Slate participation rate was established for externally filled positions.

External Modifications:

Partner with various sourcing firms to identify candidates through access to their candidate data-base.


Increased Diversity of Employees and Leadership Teams

A Balanced-Slate Process participation review is conducted quarterly.

Increase in minority hires for Officer-level positions more than doubled year over year.

We believe that diversity and inclusion strengthens and inspires our organizational culture, making it a strategic imperative that we increase the diversity of our leadership, including women and people of color. By creating the balanced slate process, we have continued to move that strategy forward and recruit the best and brightest people in the industry.

Dennis R. Glass, CEO

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