Teradata’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Teradata’s long-standing commitment to social justice was put to the test in 2020. While the company had solid policies in place, we (it) realized that we could and should do more and take action. The company saw an opportunity to ensure our employees were best equipped and enabled to navigate through dynamic and uncertain times. Employees were also unclear as to Teradata’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

  1. Education and Enablement Focus
    • Launched “Diversity Dialogues” – an ongoing series designed to foster meaningful dialogues about topics that are often complex and sometimes difficult related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Sessions have included topics related to Allyship, Privilege, The History of Racism in the US, Microaggressions, and there are more to come. The series features panelists from our employee community speaking about their own life experiences facing bias, racism, inequity, etc.
    • Introduced highly interactive “Learning Labs;” workshops designed to focus on culture and inclusive leadership. These sessions provide a forum for our employee population to learn in a safe space, ask questions and connect with their peers regarding the behaviors that lead to an inclusive culture and foster diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.
    • Launched “Managing Bias” training to help employees take appropriate action if they witness or experience incivility, bias, or microaggressions within the workplace or in their communities.
    • Initiated training for leaders on our “Well-being” core values, illuminating how they can foster and build well-being in the workplace during the pandemic.

  2. Commitment and Transparency
    • Our Executive Leadership Team formally declared via a published pledge their commitment to fight and guard against racial injustice and promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within our environment.
    • Created a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Board to lift the voices of our entire employee population in response to DEI needs.
    • Declared that it was not simply enough to say that Teradata was not racist, rather, we declared that we would take clear actions to be “actively anti-racist” and ensure that we continuously evaluate our systems, values, behaviors, processes, etc. to prevent bias in the workplace.
    • Teradata committed $100K in matching funds to support organizations advancing social justice, human rights and equality.
    • Declared to our employee population that starting in 2021, leaders’ bonuses would be tied to demonstrated and actual improvements and progress in our diversity, equity and inclusion goals.
    • Declared a launch of a scholarship program for underrepresented minorities pursuing university degrees in STEM.

As a result of our education and enablement efforts, 97% of respondents to post-dialogue viewing indicated that they had advanced their fluency and confidence in speaking up about issues around inequity, and in support of the learning provided. Further, employees have surfaced additional topical themes they would like to see offered, have themselves volunteered more for participation on panels, and have acknowledge the useful nature of having these timely sessions given today’s narrative and climate. Additionally, pre and post survey improvement from our Learning Labs provides significant evidence that employees better understand how our culture and environment impacts our strategic success, understand their role in cultivating an inclusive environment and have committed to help in driving the success of these initiatives. Additionally, through our well-being education efforts, employees have indicated that leaders have been more active in helping ensure work/life balance, responding to their unique needs as they navigate through the pandemic and our current social climate.


The importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion cannot be overstated. We are a human first company, and with that, we each have a responsibility for the impact of our actions on one another, regardless of intent and how we each contribute in a significant and meaningful way to helping make our environment one that is inclusive and leverages the strength of our diversity. 

Steve McMillan
CEO, Teradata Corporation
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