Talent Focus 2018: Women Leaders at Ball


Increasing representation of women across all levels of business. 


Attracting, developing, engaging and retaining a diverse workforce are critical to our businesses’ long-term success. Our “2018 Talent Focus on Women Leaders at Ball” initiative was developed to tackle those challenges and build a diverse, global network of employees who can support each other personally and professionally.

 “We know that having more women at all levels of our company will make us a stronger company financially and generate more EVA, innovate better, and also help us acquire, develop, engage and retain more diverse employees globally. That’s why Ball’s first Talent Focus event was concentrated on women leaders at Ball, with nearly 100 attendees with representatives from all of our different businesses and regions around the globe,” said Manette Snow, vice president, diversity and inclusion. During the program, we discussed the unique contributions that women bring to the workplace, as well as some of the unique challenges that they face. Attendees were also encouraged to discuss with their managers their career development opportunities and plan.

“It’s a way to help us understand what support is missing for a particular group of employees, as we continue to improve both our career development options and overall employee experience,” said Andrew Stevens, vice president, talent management. “We want to bring these groups of employees together so they can share their challenges and opportunities and help us to better understand what kind of support they need to continue to grow within Ball.”


In only a few months since the program began, several of the attendees have received promotions, including one of the first women to run a P&L within the company. Additionally, our different regions have begun discussions on supporting women on a broader level, including implementing chapters of our Women’s Ball Resource Group abroad. 


Our ability to make real progress with diversity and inclusion matters because it has a direct impact on our company’s success.  With different perspectives come different solutions to help our customers win in the marketplace.  We will continue to drive growth and economic value through our deliberate and intentional efforts to create a more diverse workforce and inclusive culture. Ball Corporation is honored to join this very important list of companies who have made the CEO Action for Diversity Pledge. 

John Hayes
CEO, Ball Corporation
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