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Taking Steps Against Racism


The tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and too many others impacted every member of our work community – but each in their own way. In today’s new social contract with employees, as a response to Black Lives Matter and racial equity, we believe in designing an anti-racist organization from all aspects including policy, processes, mindsets and behaviors. This includes evolving from allies to advocates and activists of social change.


As a grassroots effort, Karius employees formed an Allyship group that focuses on the wellbeing of black and indigenous people of color (BIPOC) at Karius and in our society. The Allyship group brought many actions to fruition including launching a Black Lives Matter online training, hosting a screening of the documentary, Black Men in White Coats, hosting an educational training on white privilege, participating in an educational text program on privilege, and giving back to underrepresented communities by donating laptops and computer equipment.


The Allyship group acknowledges the existence of implicit structural biases and advanced our commitment to anti-racism by organizing education, amplifying awareness, convening space to talk and listen, championing empathy and committing resources to support the BIPOC community inside and outside of the Karius organization.


Alec Ford, CEO

As a CEO working in biotech, the reality is that I am a white male as are many others in similar roles. We’re teaching our employees about how to check their privilege, offering training on white privilege, and are supporting the company in moving beyond allyship toward social activism.

Alec Ford
CEO, Karius
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