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Taking a Conscious Inclusion Approach to Education and Training


A need to raise awareness on what Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) means in the workplace and how we can make better conscious choices and decisions.


We partnered with an external company PDT with expertise helping companies like ours with their inclusion training with leaders.

We started a series of 4-hour trainings with our Executive Leadership team with the first session focused around raising awareness and better understanding how biases come in to play in the talent and project decisions we make every day. One session is not enough for behavior change; we hosted a session focused on action planning and a separate, more intimate deep dive into each area of Diversity and Inclusion and Belonging.

We expanded the training to our next level leaders, including action planning. These leaders will use the action plans to further discuss DIB with their teams. We also hosted an HR Master Class with our entire HR organization to ensure they were ready to support the organization in making more consciously inclusive decisions. Lastly, we implemented the LinkedIn Learning series to the entire organization to ensure we continue to raise awareness and create a common language aligned to our values and culture.


As a result of all the sessions, we received positive feedback on the content and its relevance to Zelis and the workplace. We also received feedback that managers were more aware of their biases, how to recognize them and how to make more conscious decisions. More importantly, these sessions ignited excitement on this topic and the need to continue the conversation across all levels which also helped influence our 2021 strategy to continue to roll out the trainings and host learning circles for our associates to share their perspectives, tips and actions.


Mitra Agcaoili, VP Talent Management

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