Support for our Asian American Colleagues and Community


In 2021, discrimination and violence against the Asian American community gained heightened visibility. We believe engaging in meaningful conversations and seeking diverse perspectives can help increase awareness of issues that impact colleagues, their families, and communities, and build pathways to actionable allyship. 


Our CEO shared his support for Asian American colleagues through internal communication denouncing the rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also encouraged colleagues to support each other and continue to live our values of integrity, responsibility, passion, and service.   We hosted a virtual enterprise-wide discussion to educate our colleagues on how they can be allies and help break down barriers to inclusion for the Asian American community.  We invited a panel of distinguished leaders from the Asian American community to candidly discuss pressing topics impacting the community such as intersectionality, anti-Asian hate, and bystander actions. 

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