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Exelon’s commitment to supplier diversity aligns with corporate goals for economic development and social responsibility. Exelon’s supplier diversity program was rebranded in 2009 to “Diverse Business Empowerment” – EDBE – to ensure the inclusion of diversity – certified suppliers in Exelon’s business transactions including but not limited to, supply chain. Exelon knows that supplier development is a key component to empowering diverse businesses and recognized the opportunity to develop programs that enhance their ability to participate in all corporate areas of transactional activity.


Exelon produced a best-in class supplier development program that equips select diversity-certified suppliers with tools and knowledge to attain their next level of business growth. Through mentorship and educational workshops suppliers gain invaluable insight to the corporate supply chain process and partnership expectations.

Participants of EDBE Supplier Development Initiatives learn key best practices in areas like safety, just-on-time delivery and cost improvement. Since 2013, Exelon Utilities, in partnership with the EDBE team, have launched our supplier development curriculum with over 150 select firms in the Exelon business footprint — including Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Delaware, Texas, and New Jersey.


In 2016, Exelon purchased over $1.9 billion in goods and services from diversity-certified suppliers, a 42 percent increase over our 2015 spend.  Additionally Exelon’s 2016 expenditures represent a 158- percent growth in annual diversity-certified supplier expenditures over the past five years. Exelon wants to lead by example and we hope our successes in working with diversity-certified suppliers inspire confidence in other corporations that smaller business can succeed in complex industries, and that inclusion makes our communities stronger. The EDBE Supplier Development Initiatives have earned recognition from various regional and national supplier diversity organizations, as well as the U.S. Department of Commerce and Small Business Administration.


Janese Murray
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