Strengthening and Expanding Our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Strategy and Efforts


Over the last few years, we’ve enhanced our efforts to define and communicate our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Strategy. While we have made great strides in this area, we recognized that we need to do more across every level of the firm to attract, retain and promote professionals with the diverse set of expertise our clients and teams require in order to be successful.


Given the increased focus on diversity, inclusion and belonging and recent events that have taken place related to racial injustices in the U.S. and globally, FTI Consulting’s Executive Committee hosted more than 30 video calls with employees to engage in open discussions where employees felt supported to share their personal experiences and ideas on how we can take our words and turn them into actions.


Leveraging ideas shared during these discussions, as well as conversations hosted by our Diversity Ambassadors, external benchmarking and some discussions with experts, the firm announced a subset of commitments it is making to turbocharge recruiting, retention and development of underrepresented minorities (“URM”), which includes increasing investment, accountability and support. These commitments include, among others:

  • Providing 5% more female and diverse candidates than the actual pool of candidates; and extending offers to at least the same or higher percentage of female and diverse candidates.
  • Enhancing expectations of mentors to ensure that URM talent is paired with strong mentors.
  • Hosting an annual diversity conference to enhance connections and provide a sense of community amongst junior and senior professionals of underrepresented backgrounds.
  • Enhancing our pre-ID programs to attract diverse talent on campus through efforts such as doubling the number of early-ID internship opportunities and introducing the “FTI Consulting Immersion Program” to allow URM matriculating seniors and Consultant-level hires to experience firsthand the breadth and depth of expertise across FTI Consulting.

Vivian Yun, Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, FTI Consulting


To meet the robust growth goals we have for our business, we must attract and retain professionals with the diverse set of expertise our clients require, as well as create and maintain a culture where all people are respected and appreciated.

Steven H. Gunby
President and Chief Executive Officer
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