STR8 Talk


Education around the LGBTQ community and the challenges, inequities, and struggles that the community members face. 


During pride month in June 2019, Olympus hosted a panel discussion called STR8 Talk in which people sat in alignment with their gender or sexual orientation (people seated in a seat representing L, G, B, T, Q). Approximately 150 people attended the free event, which was hosted at our Olympus corporate headquarters and open to the community. The discussion focused on educating people as to the challenges that LGBTQ people face: coming out as LGBTQ, daily interactions and challenges the community faces, tips for people to show better allyship such as subtle changes to daily language that could allow for someone in the LGBTQ community to open up about their partner. The panel tried to provide tangible takeaways that could be put into practice immediately. The event was recorded and made available to all employees at other corporate locations. The panel discussion has been adapted by the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, which has taken the discussion on the road. It has been hosted at one other local company, with more to follow in 2020. A follow-up session is planned for pride month in June 2020. This discussion will focus on challenges parents of LGBTQ children face and will be free and open to the community.


Broadened understanding about the LGBTQ community and the challenges they face and helped people gain a better understanding of and respect for the community.


Kristin Leayman, Mgr. Diversity & Inclusion: 
[email protected]


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