Statement from Steve Howe

Statement from Steve Howe

The events in Charlottesville this weekend stand as a stark reminder that bigotry and hatred have no place in our society. While most of the country was enjoying a Summer weekend, the actions of a few have once again erupted into senseless tragedy and a national discussion on division.

This hit home for me on a number of levels.

First, as leaders in inclusion it is important to state what we stand for and what we don’t. I tweeted Our thoughts and prayers go out to #Charlottesville. This is the moment to stand strong and united for inclusion and understanding and was joined by several leaders internally and externally in calling for dialogue, inclusion, unity and understanding. Now is the time for compassion and respect.

Second, like many of you, I immediately thought of our colleagues from the University of Virginia (UVA). UVA is one of EY’s top recruiting schools. Many of us have family and friends at UVA or in the Charlottesville area. We recruit from there because of the character, values and academic excellence of the school’s community - our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone there.

Third, just a little more than a year ago after a series of racial incidents, I sent you a message saying in times of division, EY needs to be a place that maximizes the strength of our differences. When issues are ignited by toxicity and the velocity of the news cycle, we need to be a place that pauses, reflects, dialogues, understands and takes purposeful action for inclusion. That is when progress is realized.

Our culture inspires us to learn, support and become stronger through differences; that’s how we become better for each other and as a team.

We all know the right thing to do. For us, it is standing firmly on our values, seeking to understand and support each other, and becoming stronger because of our differences. I encourage each of you to dialogue on these issues and talk openly about any concerns. We know that simply asking someone ‘r u ok?’ can mean a tremendous amount to a colleague who is hurting.

Resources are available at EY Assist, and you are always welcome to reach out to your local leaders.

Let’s all commit to a better, more inclusive way forward, at EY and in our communities. Let us know how we can support you. Engage your local leadership and certainly reach out to me with your ideas.

We are indeed stronger together.

Steve Howe

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