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Statement from Michael Roth

I am sure that many among us have found watching the news in Virginia this past weekend to be deeply disturbing. Not only because of the violence we witnessed, but because the white supremacist ideology that caused it is wrong, and must be condemned.

Therefore, we once again need to rally as a global community, so as to ensure that all of our colleagues, particularly those most deeply affected, can be heard, and also to provide support to them as we process this news, which reflects a very sad reality that exists not only in our country, but in many other parts of the world today.

Targeting people because of their ethnicity or their religion is something that cannot be tolerated. Just as excluding or disadvantaging anyone, due to any dimension of diversity, is inconsistent with the values of the United States, and in the case of Interpublic, as a company.

This isn’t a partisan or political issue, it’s an issue of basic humanity, and standing up for what is right at a particularly difficult moment. We are counting on all of you to do that, by showing respect for our differences, and living up to our commitment to fairness and inclusion.

We will, of course, stay tuned to developments, make our leadership available for listening sessions, and extend support to any among us who need it as we move through this trying time.

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