Statement from John Wang


Dear CEO Action Steering Committee:

We add our strong and unequivocal support to the statement issued that reaffirmed a commitment to diversity and inclusion in light of the tragic incident at Charlottesville, Virginia.

As a small non-profit Asian American business group, we appreciate having the opportunity through our membership in CEO Action to add our voice and to amplify our mission of ensuring that minority interests are valued, respected and protected.

This particular incident did not directly involve the Asian American community. However, the Asian American Business Development Center has learned through its 20-year plus history that our community does not, and cannot, make progress without cooperation and collaboration with other minority groups.

The exposure of hatred and bigotry from this event convinces us that our plan to create a New Majority Alliance is more urgently needed than ever. In a generation, ethnic minority populations in the United States will emerge as the majority demographic, or the “New Majority”. We will be part of this coalition, and we believe that this reality requires sound preparation that includes awareness raising, building partnerships across cultural lines and working with business leaders.

This New Majority Alliance of Asian American, African American and Latino communities is being formalized and organized in the next months. We will use this powerful collective to bring fresh solutions to diversity and inclusion in businesses, address racial and gender imbalances in corporate leadership and in key industries like Silicon Valley, and consider how millennials may redefine cultural identity and influence future societal norms and policies.

We think that working together across cultural lines is the most effective way to defeat the forces of division.

We will be reaching out to the Steering Committee members to gauge their interest in joining a summit being organized in January 2018 in New York to take this agenda forward. Our group has already had a long-standing and productive relationship with Steering Committee member Ron Parker on New Majority initiatives.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas with you. We look forward to contributing to more CEO Action activities.

John Wang
Founder & President
Asian American Business Development Center

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