Stanley Consultants Charitable Foundation


The Stanley Consultants Charitable Foundation was established in 1982 as part of our commitment to the communities we serve. Funded from Company profits, the foundation’s board has historically distributed grants without soliciting broad input. The challenge was to better connect, engage and align the Company’s vision, mission, values and membership with the foundation’s work.


A cross-company Volunteer and Charitable Giving Committee has been formed to lead this effort. This committee seeks input from employees (“Members”) on which programs they feel most passionate about and then works with the board to align those recommendations against three, values-based giving categories:

  1. Charity Remains at home: Targeted support for the founding communities within which our 106-year old, employee-owned company remains headquartered.
  2. Aligning Strategic interests: The alignment of Stanley’s purpose of “Improving Lives Since 1913” in the Energy and Infrastructure sectors with the foundation’s work.
  3. Supporting Local Communities: Support and sponsorship of local events and interests that support Stanley’s vision, mission and values.

The board meets quarterly to oversee the distribution of this fund in line with the above principles and framework, reviewing internal recommendations from the committee as well as external requests.


A wide cross-section of members are becoming more actively engaged in helping the foundation ensure that its’ giving and community participation programs support and remain true to the Company’s purpose, mission and values. Programs are being refreshed at company and local levels to encourage active community participation, including a new “Charity of the Year” program as well as formalizing our ongoing Veteran’s Day charity event. These programs tie directly into the foundation’s giving framework, providing greater clarity and alignment with the Company.


Dale Sweere

Participant Quote

I’m excited that we have a wider variety of charitable organizations we support that is based on what our members are passionate about. In the past we didn’t really have much input into the organizations that the foundation has supported and our members, especially our younger members, are very interested in charitable giving, and so this helps them be more engaged in the process.

SCCF participant
CEO Quote

Aligning our Company’s vision, mission, values and membership with the work of our charitable foundation is essential to ensure that our actions continue to support our purpose of “Improving Lives Since 1913”. Proactive inclusion of our employees has enriched our giving programs, improved community participation and reaffirmed our enduring commitment to the people and communities that we serve. 

Kate Harris
CEO, Stanley Consultants Inc.
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