Staff Leads


Adventure Rock expressed a need for additional leadership that simultaneously expressed an ability for leadership as well as climbing business best practices. Ideally this leadership was from the pool of its already enthusiastic employees.  Adventure Rock desired to seek ways to continue the growth of its employees and provide management and leadership skills training to help employees take their next step, whether at Adventure Rock, or towards their life goals. 


Staff Lead is a new job position with unique training, experiences, and responsibilities in the workplace. The purpose of this position is to function as a supervisory role providing support to the Facility Manager. Training ranges from in-house instruction of specific skills to attendance and participation at national conferences.

Staff Leads are relied upon for positively affecting the environment of the facilities by modeling industry professionalism, while interfacing with clientele, training new employees, developing programs they are passionate about, or by providing their own insight to the needs of business.

The relationship the Staff Leads develop with both fellow employees and customers, allows them a strong and informed voice for advocating for the needs of everyone in the facility. This voice facilitates conversations that help develop the Staff Leads understanding of the Adventure Rock business model while also leading to new ways to develop and provide for the communities Adventure Rock serves.


The Staff Lead position is still very new and its full benefit is yet to be realized. So far, of the individuals that have been brought into the position, each has provided a something specific to the business, from improved accommodation of female specific needs in restrooms, to new IT solutions.  In addition, some Staff Leads have moved into various director roles at Adventure Rock, fulfilling one of the major needs of the business. So far, the position has provided a win-win opportunity and we look forward to continued refinement.


Jim Guarnaccio


Adventure Rock always considered itself open and accepting to everyone. Though this may be true, we believe we can do better by not just accepting, but inviting and providing opportunity for others. The CEO pledge is one small step towards continuing to learn how to do more, be more, and provide more for those around and in our communities.

Jim Guarnaccio
General Manager, Adventure Rock Climbing and Fitness
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