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Sparking Conversations with Our Board of Directors


With a fairly new focus on diversity, equity and inclusion we knew it would be important to connect our initiatives with business strategy and show leaders and employees alike how our attention to D&I could improve business results. 


Leading change isn’t about aspirational words, marketing tag lines or checking a box. At Univar Solutions our leaders are not just joining the conversation, they are starting it — driving it. In July 2019, four members of the board of directors took time to sit down and talk with our Senior Legal Counsel about their shared experiences and thoughts on advancing diversity & inclusion in the workplace. Each of these board members values the innovative impact that creating a diverse and inclusive workforce can have on not only driving business results, but on our greater community. The panel discussion consisted of a live and recorded back and forth open discussion allowing board members to share specific examples from their careers on the challenges and real solutions created over more than 30 years. Not the first, but definitely one of the earliest shows of commitment from leaders at Univar Solutions, the panel was filmed before an audience of company executives and core Inclusion stakeholders from recently launched Employee Resource Networks.  


The recorded event connected our Board of Directors to our D&I strategy and programs in a completely new way. The recording allowed us to organize viewing sessions at multiple corporate office locations and promote a digital campaign to reach even more employees and showcase the direct involvement of senior leaders in our programs.


It makes me so proud to see our board members not just supporting our focus on advancing diversity and inclusion, but taking an active part in driving the conversation from the top down.

Kim Dickens
Chief People Officer
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