Self Identification Program


Identifying the makeup of our workforce to better mobilize support, programming and goals based on these demographics.


In 2021, Avantor announced the expansion of the self-identification program for associates in the United States and Canada. Noting industry best practices from the 2020 Corporate Equality Index, expanding the self-identification program will allow Avantor to “better understand the composition of our workforce so we can provide relevant support, benefits and programming.” The program will also provide vital data to measure successes for the DEI program such as representation in leadership, promotions, and new hires. Associates now have the option of identifying their race/ethnicity, disability, veteran’s status, sexual orientation, gender identity and preferred pronouns. Avantor intends to extend the self-identification program to Mexico, Europe and AMEA in 2022.


Over 15% of eligible associates have completed the self-identification in full, adding new data on pronouns, gender identity, sexual orientation and more. Data will be used to understand the composition of the workforce and make informed decisions regarding initiatives, goals, and programming.


Noel France

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