Self Awareness (Days of Understanding) at Atlas Travel & Technology Group


Our goal is to educate our staff on diversity, equity and inclusion by beginning to look within ourselves. We have started our Days of Understanding series with exploring the “looking-glass self”. This describes the process where individuals analyze their sense of self on how they believe others view them. As these blog topics develop, we will Introduce the concept of unconscious bias and the influence this can have on our experience.


Through our internal blog system known as the “virtual watercooler”, Atlas Travel & Technology (ATTG) shares education-based articles and practical exercises that aim to bring awareness to unconscious bias in the workplace. An open invitation for discussion between all members of ATTG is available via the comment section. Here, our team engages in dialogue based on the prompts in a space created to feel safe and accessible to absolutely everyone. Our internal postings on the “virtual watercooler” invite conversations within our company. Anyone, from any department can use the communication platform to share their unique experiences and backgrounds. This puts an essential emphasis in recognizing that every single member of the ATTG team has a space to lift their voices in these conversations.


Through this incredible campaign, we are exploring the term ‘diversity’ and the ways in which we can implement it based on an open dialogue with every member of ATTG. Our team will conclude our Days of Understanding campaign (there will still be a continued presence of these posts and futures in similar fashion) with anti-bullying month.


Robin Carter

We have always been committed to advancing inclusion of all employees in the workplace regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, etc. Signing this Pledge not only demonstrates our commitment to continue to support and cultivate an environment where diverse perspectives are welcome but also provides the opportunity to drive greater engagement as a result of our interaction with other like-minded companies.

Elaine Osgood
CEO of Atlas Travel and Technology Group
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