Scholarship Program


We recognized a lack of labor and employment-focused scholarships focused on recruiting diverse students to the practice of law.


The firm’s "Jackson Lewis Scholarship Program" provides scholarships to students who are traditionally underrepresented in the legal profession.  This is a substantial investment for the firm and underscores our commitment to attracting diverse students to the practice of law generally, and to labor and employment law specifically.  Jackson Lewis provides almost 40 scholarships annually that are awarded to law students who demonstrate an interest in, or an aptitude for, employment and/or labor law.  The scholarship award process varies depending on the rules of each school, but in many cases, Jackson Lewis attorneys participate in selecting the recipients by judging essay competitions, reviewing writing samples, or interviewing applicants.  The schools are informed of the firm’s desire to award the scholarships to students from under-represented groups.

All participating law schools are located in or near cities where Jackson Lewis has an office, and scholarship recipients are often invited to attend firm functions such as law school alumni dinners and legal symposiums.  Recipients are often candidates for future employment with Jackson Lewis. 


Over the past several years a number of scholarship recipients have become Jackson Lewis Summer Associates and several have joined the firm as Associates.


Weldon Latham
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At Jackson Lewis, we believe in quality and fairness, and we respect the rights of all individuals to be who they are and to feel comfortable bringing their whole self to the workplace.  Diversity and inclusion are core principles at our firm, and as one of the leading firms dedicated to representing management in all aspects of workplace law, we are committed to encouraging minorities and women to practice labor and employment law.

Vincent Cino
Jackson Lewis P.C.
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