San Francisco Pride Parade Contingent


Our students are training to be leaders in their professions. Intersections between sexual orientation, race, ability status etc. contribute to the need for more complex understanding of diversity and inclusion in professional training.  We want to ensure Alliant is a place of belonging. How do we actively demonstrate support for our LGBTQ+ intersectional community?


Alliant students, alums, faculty, and staff  joined together to organize a contingent for the Pride Parade.  We created three striking 13’ puppets to accompany marchers.  We built community through weekly dim sum food gatherings that raised funds for the contingent. Many staff and faculty took part in this way.

The ParadeOur vehicle was decorated with the Queer of Color, LGBTQ+ Black Lives Matter and Pride Inclusion flags, communicating inclusion and intersectionality with LGBTQ+ pride.  People with disabilities could ride in the vehicle.  We wore  university logo or Black Lives Matter t-shirts. The puppets generated excitement.


Marching in the Pride Parade accomplished our goals of building and demonstrating support for our LGBTQ+ intersectional community. 

  • “I can't tell you how much it means to me personally that this was important enough to you to make this possible. I had the time of my life. It brought back many wonderful memories and created new ones.” (LGBTQ faculty with a disability)
  • “The puppets were amazing!! Such a great experience!” (Student ally of color)
  • “Such a tremendous event! It was clear that the Alliant float made an impact and got attention for its celebration of diversity. Thank you for allowing me to participate alongside all of you. Celebrating in the street with people…means so much.” (Straight faculty ally)

Some of the 1,000,000 attendees thanked us for acknowledging LGBTQ+ and race issues. Numerous Alliant community members expressed gratitude for our public demonstration of inclusion.

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