Salute - Winefest


Standard Beverage recognizes that there are disabled individuals in the communities we serve that have special needs and often lack inclusion to normal social/work activities. 


SBC partners annually with Cottonwood, which is a charitable organization located in Lawrence KS. Cottonwood’s mission is to help people with disabilities shape their own future. Cottonwood gives the disabled population the tools and resources necessary to become a functioning citizen in their community including but not limited to:  training, education, advocacy, job placement, residential living and retirement services.  

In an effort to support Cottonwood’s mission, SBC is the back-bone of the annual Salute event. Salute is a 3 day food and wine festival in Lawrence, KS that generates significant funding to Cottonwood, Incorporated under the auspices of Standard Beverage. In addition to the charitable funds raised through our product donation and sponsorship, SBC also has approximately 40 employees and spouses in attendance to facilitate the event.  We are the major sponsor of this event that includes the Lawrence and surrounding communities in effort to unite for this great cause.

To further support this cause, SBC also provides real life job experience for Cottonwood clients in our warehouse operation. Intermittently throughout the year, individuals from Cottonwood work in our warehouse facility doing such things as building cases, cleaning and other tasks that provide them on-the-job experience and training to assist in building their future.  


Over the last 2 decades Standard Beverage has financially and tactilely supported Cottonwood and their Salute event that has raised in excess of $600,000 to further the mission of helping people with disabilities shape their own future. For further information on this organization and event, please visit


Ryan Thurlow
[email protected]


Our actions will always speak louder than our words alone.

Darrell Swank
President, Standard Beverage Corporation
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