Provide personal and professional support in an equitable, structured, measurable way. Develop social capital in a remote-first environment.


Implement programs that encourage career ownership and connection business-wide.


Increased flexibility, ownership and cross-organizational collaboration. Enhanced learning environment.


At SailPoint, valuing every person is such an important part of who we are that we identified ‘Individual’ as one of our four core values. We don’t just appreciate our individuals; we invest in them. We empower employees to own their careers and development, and we supply the support and processes to propel their success.


The pandemic disrupted traditional work/life balance. With everyone working remotely, employees faced increased challenges, like childcare. We supported our crew by creating the Free2Focus Program, which carves out meeting-free time blocks throughout the week. Employees use the time to focus on home or work priorities. With high adoption, we look forward to continuing this successful initiative when we return to the office.


COVID-19 also disrupted crew members’ ability to organically cultivate strong relationships outside of their immediate network. So, we accelerated our effort to support employees in building social capital to thrive in their careers – no matter where they work.


Our Connecting for Growth Mentor Program delivers to our team personalized and equitable development opportunities. We connect interested mentees with a mentor who is a strong match based on role, level, goals and historical knowledge, which increases the chances of the duo developing a long-lasting, mutually beneficial professional relationship. We empower mentees to own their development and drive the relationship, with support from HR.


We’ve seen positive trends in cross-organizational collaboration among our 230 participants to date. We look forward to growing the program, especially as we continue expanding our remote workforce, which allows us to recruit diverse, top-tier talent from around the world.



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