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Safe Space Program


Raising awareness and the challenges facing members of the LGBT community at TE.

62% of LGBT employees report hearing jokes about lesbians and gays in the workplace

53% of LGBT employees hide who they are at work

20% of LGBT employees report looking for another job specifically because their workplace environment wasn’t accepting of LGBT individuals


Implementation of the Safe Space Program.  The Safe Space program allows employees to identify themselves as an LGBT Ally by sending a visible message that they are open, accepting, understanding, trustworthy, and supportive of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) equality


Employees demonstrate their support and participation in the Safe Space Program with decals, magnets and other digital images.  Participating employees take the Safe Space Pledge that describes the expected behavior.

Provides employees and allies of the LGBT community to talk in a “safe” space about work and life issues

Affords employees the opportunity to engage in honest discussion about inclusion and diversity

Important recruiting tool when attending career fairs.  New hires research a company’s commitment to Inclusion, Diversity and Corporate Philanthropy

Further visual demonstration of TE’s growth with inclusion and diversity

Our people are at the heart of everything we do. When we think about our strategy, purpose and values, the only way we can have highly engaged employees is if we’re intentional about creating a culture that allows each one of us to bring our whole self to work. Our diverse global teams and our commitment to inclusion and diversity are a differentiator for TE with our customers, an expectation of our shareholders, and most importantly, the right thing to do for our employees.

Terrence R. Curtin, TE Connectivity

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