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Rosendin Electric COVID-19 Response


Attracting and retaining employees during global pandemic while keeping them safe and reducing the risk of exposure.


The construction industry was designated as an essential industry, which meant that Rosendin employees could continue working amidst shelter in place mandates. The challenge was in determining how to keep those employees working safely and their families safe when they returned home. Rosendin implemented additional PPE requirements to include face masks and the use of sanitizing solutions for personal use and for tools and equipment. Rosendin also implemented social distancing measures and developed a plan to minimize exposure and contact on job sites. A system was put in place whereby craft workers were partnered up with another employee for the duration of their project.

When a task required more than one employee, the two were teamed up with each other and ONLY each other to reduce exposure and assist in contact tracing if one of the employees becomes ill. For those employees whose work did not require their presence on the job site, Rosendin implemented a remote work policy. Overnight, we shifted approximately 2,000 office personnel to a remote work environment. Regular video updates have been sent out to keep employees informed of the company's safety measures.


The construction industry is number four in the nation for death by suicide rate due to a number of factors including economic insecurity. Continuing to receive health benefits and a paycheck is critical to the mental health of our employees and helps to provide that economic security. Despite transition to a remote environment, our payroll team didn’t miss a single payroll run. We are not only keeping employees but also hiring. Our efforts to ensure employee safety have resulted in only 174 cases despite more than ten million labor hours worked this year.


Salina Brown, Director of Corporate Marketing


The existing system is not inclusive of everyone, and acknowledging that is a good first step toward a healthier society. It is essential for us to engage in uncomfortable introspection and have those conversations and discussions. Only by doing so can we truly provide individuals with the opportunity to grow and develop and create better communities. Silence will not solve these issues. It is our responsibility and duty to create future leaders that reflect the diversity of talent seen in the world today.

Mike Greenawalt
CEO, Rosendin Electric Inc.
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