Retaining, Supporting and Promoting our Female Professionals


Over the last several years, we had seen a higher turnover rate among our female population. This indicated that we needed to do more to retain, recruit, and support our top female talent at all levels across the firm.


In addition to launching the FTI Consulting's Women’s Initiative ("FTI WIN") in 2013, which is sponsored by female members of our Executive Committee, we continued to invest in policies and programs aimed at providing equal representation, career training, professional development and others areas of support that we believe have helped advance and retain women at the firm, including:

  • Our WIN Managing Director Transformational Leadership Program, which seeks to support and further develop a selected group of high-performing female Managing Directors.
  • Our commitment to building three-year pipelines of potential female Senior Managing Director candidates so that we have a strong pool of talent for promotion.
  • Enhancing our parental leave policies from 12 weeks in 2017 to 16 weeks in 2018 for birth mothers and six weeks for fathers or parents following an adoption.
  • Launching our Flex Return Support Program in 2018 to provide flexibility to our new mothers’ needs.
  • Partnering with Bright Horizons in 2020 to provide back-up care for our employees and their families.

Due to the targeted support we have provided to our female employees, we’ve been able to accomplish the following:

  • Between 2016 and 2019, we’ve lowered our firm-wide regrettable female turnover by almost 5%.
  • Since 2017, we’ve increased the number of female Senior Managing Directors by 36%.
  • We have promoted 18 women from the FTI WIN Managing Director Leadership Forum to Senior Managing Director since 2016.
  • Between 2018 and 2019, we’ve doubled the number of women who have taken advantage of our Flex Return support.

Vivian Yun, Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, FTI Consulting


At FTI Consulting, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive culture that allows all of our professionals to develop the skills and capabilities they need to achieve their full potential. Though there is much to do to advance our gender initiatives and commitment to getting more women into leadership positions, our Women’s Initiative members and business leaders have helped drive major progress over the last several years.

Steven H. Gunby
President and Chief Executive Officer
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