Retaining Diverse Employees


A diverse workforce and inclusive culture are key to Intel’s evolution and are driving forces of our growth. Inclusion is the foundation of high performance and innovation. If we want to shape the future of technology, we must be representative of that future.


In 2015, Intel launched a $300M commitment towards reaching full representation by 2020 and will reach this goal 2 years ahead of schedule.  To achieve our goals, a comprehensive research study was conducted across 7000 employees to understand key drivers for improved workforce diversity and retention.  One of the key insights resulted in the launch of Intel’s Warmline, an inclusive innovative retention service tool. 


Since its inception, Intel’s Warmline service has received more than 20,000 cases and successfully achieved a 90% retention rate among employees utilizing this service. The success of the Warmline has resulted in expansion of its services globally. 


Barbara Whye
[email protected]


Global Diversity and Inclusion are major pillars in our quest as a company to move from good to great — we aim to be the most diverse and inclusive company on the planet!! 

Bob Swan
CEO Intel Corporation
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