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Responses to 2020 Racial Tensions at WellSpan Health


Respond authentically to the lived experiences of our Black, Brown and Asian team members, patients and communities who faced continued racial injustice in the United States in 2020.


WellSpan’s CEO penned multiple messages for WellSpan team members, patients and community members between June 2020 and June 2021 in response to on-going racial injustice in the United States. Additionally, WellSpan team members were invited to attend listening sessions hosted by our behavioral health leaders, and to participate in film screenings and a panel discussion during Black History Month and to a shared learning interview series created for Celebrate Diversity Month.

June 2, 2020: WellSpan President and CEO Shares Message of Unity Against Racial Injustice

June 5, 2020: WellSpan physicians, providers express solidarity through White Coats For Black Lives

March 26, 2021: WellSpan President and CEO Shares Message of Humanity Against Hate and Violence

April 21, 2021: Moment of Justice for Black Community

June 19, 2021: We share in the spirit of Juneteenth


WellSpan’s brand favorability improved 11 percent in this same time; anecdotally, team members expressed gratitude for both internal and external messaging of solidarity by their employer.

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