Response to 2020 Racial Tensions


To address racial tension through education, training, dialogue and established feedback mechanisms. 


In response the escalating racial tensions of 2020, MLH participated in a nationwide demonstration organized by physicians called White Coats for Black Lives. As part of this demonstration, participants knelt in silence for 9 minutes to show support for their Black colleagues, patients and community during a difficult time in history. Clinicians and employees from across the System participated in this moving demonstration.
Additionally, Main Line Health developed a new forum for employees to raise concerns about Diversity, Respect, Equity and Inclusion offenses and issues—an anonymous feedback channel called ‘OUCH’ moments. This channel allows staff to submit experiences or statements that they have received or overheard from others that hurt and are in opposition to our culture of DREI. All staff are encouraged to read the submissions to be more mindful of hurtful words and actions to enhance our culture of DREI.
The DREI Education & Engagement council began virtual education and discussion sessions on various diversity topics including: Microaggressions, Generational Differences, Personality/Temperament, as well as provided continued open forums for discussion. Leaders increased rounding in departments—in person and virtually—to check in regularly with employees who may need additional support or assistance and connect them with resources within the organization to provide this support.

  • Acknowledgement of the racial tensions and how they translate to the work in our organization by CEO
  • Participation in White Coats for Black Lives
  • Creation of 9 Anti-Racism Collaborative Commitments
  • Receipt of more than 700 ‘Ouch’ Action taken, when possible.
  • Virtual education sessions 

As health care leaders and stewards of our community, we have an obligation to eliminate all forms of bias and racism in our organizations and our community. This work is not easy, but it is absolutely necessary. We are committed to taking on this work with intention and by listening and taking action. 

Jack Lynch
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