Responding to 2020 Racial Tensions at Brllnt


Brllnt is a women-owned design studio that has designed national advocacy campaigns, supported local small businesses, startups, and government in the DC area for the last 7 years. While we may be a small team, we felt it was necessary to speak to the racial tensions that our country experienced in 2020, with the hope that if a small group like us decided to speak out others might feel encouraged to do the same.


First, we sent an email to our network titled “Enough is Enough” - which included a series of resources to take action and support the Black community. From there, our CEO partnered with another women-owned company, Copper & Vine, to design and launch a new social justice productivity app called StepFwd. The app is designed to take steps forward by collecting a list of “to-dos” to keep track of steps like supporting and donating to various social justice organizations and learning from content produced by experts. While we recognize we do not have all the answers, and acknowledge these are only small contributions to the larger issue, our intention is to use our skills to enable ourselves and others to take action and speak up. Individually we may feel small, but together we can really make a difference.


Currently the app has about 70 5-star reviews on the App Store. We are eager to keep this momentum going, knowing the fight for racial equality goes beyond digital. Our own learnings inspired us to host virtual events for attendees to share their experiences with racial, sexual, and/or gender inequality. These events are designed to spark open and honest conversations and provide people with a safe space and community to lean on. We look forward to continuing these conversations both online and off.


Creativity is an outpouring of the soul. When the creator can be wholly themselves, being valued for the unique perspective they bring, what incredible possibilities will we find?

Melanie Charlton
CEO, Brllnt
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