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AMD hires people from diverse backgrounds and geographies with diverse beliefs. The Company promotes an inclusive environment that values individual differences to support Innovation Leadership — one of the core tenets of AMD’s culture that can only be accomplish by fully integrating diversity and inclusion across our talent management and culture initiatives.


Establishing Employee Resource Groups. AMD launched a new policy in 2016 that aims to encourage employee engagement through the creation of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). We’ve had affinity groups for years, notably the Women’s Forum. The introduction of a corporate ERG policy is intended to clarify the process and encourage other employee groups to form.

ERGs are an important facet of AMD’s culture. They augment our workplace culture as well as suggest improvements to policies and programs that help make AMD a great place to work.

Current ERGs at AMD:

  • AMD Future Leaders – This group was created to develop, unite and empower early career professionals through various learning opportunities that foster growth and success.
  • AMD Go Green AMD Green Teams are formed in several locations. They aim to educate and inspire AMDers around the globe to conserve resources, save money and improve the environment.
  • AMD Pride The mission of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) and Allies of AMD Pride is to promote a positive and inclusive environment for all employees, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, through education, networking and workplace collaboration.
  • AMD Women’s Forum (AWF) The AWF strives to build a respected and innovative company through the collaboration and contributions of women.

AMD has a significant portion of its global population engaging in ERGs: the momentum is growing and we expect more ERGs to be established in the next 24 months.


Ruth Cotter


The CEO Action for Inclusion pledge aligns directly with AMD’s core beliefs, helping to create an environment of innovation that can only occur when creative minds and diverse perspectives are applied to solve our industry’s hardest problems. Diverse teams, when managed in a culture of inclusion, are more creative, more productive, better at problem solving, and ultimately more profitable.

Dr. Lisa Su
President and CEO, AMD
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