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Resource Groups at COUNTRY Financial


COUNTRY Financial identified the need and opportunity to:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the diversity of experiences faced by underrepresented employees
  • Build a more inclusive culture resulting in increased engagement and retention
  • Increase the diversity in our leadership pipeline
  • Leverage the experiences of our employees to drive business results

COUNTRY Financial launched two Resource Groups (RG) in 2018, Multicultural and Early Career, followed by a Women Lead RG in January 2019. Then in February 2020, we re-branded an existing business RG for female financial representatives as SHEHasIt, which stands for Support, Heart and Empowerment. 

In response to coronavirus (COVID-19) challenges expressed by employees, we launched the Parent and Caregiver RG in October 2020. And, to support DE&I in our sales organization, we launched our RG called RISE, which stands for Respect, Inclusivity, Success and Equality in February 2021.

Each RG delivers programs aligned to our strategy to support better understanding of our clients and to create an inclusive culture where our workforce is engaged and empowered. In addition, RGs help us achieve our goals to build a pipeline of future leaders and increase learning and education by offering professional development, career support and growth opportunities.


The value and interest in Resource Groups continues to grow at COUNTRY Financial. Nearly 25% of COUNTRY employees are members of a Resource Group and we foresee the growth to continue.

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