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Measuring the representation of historically disadvantaged populations is just the first step of a truly inclusive world. We also need sound, sophisticated data on the experiences of all groups of employees.


Building on our 20 years of researching and producing the popular FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For ranking, we are using our global employee survey tool to measure the inclusiveness experienced by all demographic groups. 

Up until 2017, our 100 Best list was based on examining the overall, average response to our Trust Index© Employee Survey. This old approach didn’t take into account statistically significant gaps that may exist between demographic groups. And our research found such gaps exist—even at the best workplaces.

So we have raised the bar. We now are measuring how consistently people across organizations experience a great workplace.

Our research—which includes surveying millions of employees globally each year—will help reveal the key challenges employees of different backgrounds face. We also are documenting the business advantages of closing workplace gaps—of creating a Great Place to Work For All. Our initial research, for instance, show Great Places to Work For All outperform in the stock market and grow revenue 3x faster than less-inclusive rivals.


We’ve only just begun our research into the extent to which all employees experience a For All workplace. Among our initial findings: minority groups can feel like second-class citizens in the workplace. They experience less fair treatment, are given fewer opportunities to demonstrate their value, and are not as welcomed into a caring community of colleagues. We’ve also learned that the gender gap at work is widest at the executive level, where women experience more politicking and backstabbing than men. We will continue to study and share our findings.

D&I numbers on representation aren’t enough. We need tools to measure the extent to which our organizations are building Great Places to Work For All. We are using our global survey and new analytics capabilities to take the temperature of organizations and provide insights that will lead to a more inclusive world.

Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work

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