Reporting and Measurement


AMN Healthcare is leading and transforming the way healthcare organizations manage, recruit, obtain, and optimize our workforce. We identified the need to constantly evolve and examine the diversity of our workforce.  We know our stakeholders, clients, and clinicians all benefit when we embrace a diverse and inclusive culture.


Through the use of reporting and measurement on self-selected team member data, our board of directors and high level executives observe top-line numbers, as well as deeper dives into data by function, to help identify possible discrepancies in gender, ethnicity, disability, veteran, or generational representation.

The Human Resources function analyzes compensation, promotions, transfers, and terminations throughout the enterprise and strategizes how to improve our diversity and equality in these areas. We have also added a Diversity and Inclusion Index to our Team Member Engagement Survey.


Team members, clients, and investors are paying much more attention to a company’s culture and what they are doing from a social standpoint. Using this data, we supply our stakeholders and strategic business partners with Workforce Planning Dashboards and identify challenges, opportunities, and best practices to improve workforce diversity, equality, and inclusion.


Maisam Ileiwi


Like almost everything else in business, a commitment to diversity and inclusion is measurable and quantifiable. At AMN Healthcare, our dedication can be measured so that we can continue to examine and evolve our workforce and adapt our talent acquisition strategies. Our corporate culture encompasses continuous improvement, which must be measurable to be significant, whether it’s for the diversity of our team or the performance of our company. Organizations that really know their numbers when it comes to team diversity and companywide inclusivity can quickly find opportunities to improve. 

Susan Salkar
Chief Executive Officer, President, and Directo
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