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Removing bias from hiring practices


We all have unconscious biases - ideas, feelings, or beliefs - frequently in areas such as race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, abilities, and education. As a result, even well-intentioned individuals may be unaware of how their biases impact decisions in the hiring process. In fact, unintentional exclusions and inaccurate evaluations of a candidate’s abilities can directly impact an organization’s ability to hire a diverse workforce.


Avenue M Group created a process for removing bias from hiring practices. The following is a list of internal guidelines.

1. Job descriptions and requirements should include roles and responsibilities that reflect the needs of organization and the department.

2. Education and experience alternatives must be considered when posting candidate requirements and reviewing job applications.

3. Transferable skills and equivalent experience should be considered.

4. All open positions must be posted to a variety of job boards and sites.

5. Before evaluating applications, a staff person who is not involved in the hiring process should redact information that could create unintentional exclusions and inaccurate evaluations including name, contact information, social media links, and name/city of the college or university.

6. When interviewing candidates, a standard interview guide and evaluation form must be used to ensure interviewers used the same criteria to review potential candidates.

Education is a privilege. At Avenue M, we focus on experience, knowledge, and skills needed to perform the duties and responsibilities.


Since implementing the inclusive hiring practices, Avenue M has increased diversity and achieved higher staff retention rates.

At Avenue M Group, we believe all people should have the support and opportunities they need to succeed in a respectful, fair, and equitable environment. We have a deep commitment to advancing diversity within our firm and the association community. We aim to be honest and transparent with ourselves and each other about how we can do better in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, and access.

Sheri Jacobs
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