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As an organization, we recognized the need for a standardized approach and guidelines that allowed teams to run a fair and unbiased hiring process with an emphasis on diversity.


When we released our inaugural report on diversity and inclusion to the public, we simultaneously introduced a recruitment toolkit to our employees as a first action toward our commitment to a fair workplace for all.

The toolkit sets forth principles for publishing open roles widely (both internally and externally), improving how we track applications as well as having gender- and ethnically diverse candidate pools and interview panels. Managers will also have access to data and insights that help them assess the gender and ethnic makeups of their teams and where they can do better.

This effort builds on our existing partnerships with organizations that help us reach underrepresented groups in technology (e.g. Code2040), journalism (e.g. National Association of Black Journalists), and media (e.g. The Emma Bowen Foundation).


Although the toolkit was introduced in 2018 to standardize the company’s approach and give us a starting point for measuring future progress, these practices were used by many teams in 2017, when company-wide, 61 percent of our new hires were women, and 39 percent were people of color. While still early in the life of the new recruiting process, we notice a correlation to increased diversity. Hiring teams are more aware of the need for diverse panels and candidate slates. There has also been increased rigor around providing written feedback and well thought out justifications for hiring decisions.

Participation in CEO Action helps energize and focus diversity and inclusion efforts at The New York Times. One result was our first ever public report on the gender and ethnic composition of our staff, which we’ve committed to update annually. A second was the launch of our new Recruitment Toolkit, a set of standard guidelines and best practices to promote fair and unbiased hiring and promotion. Although it is still early in its implementation, the Toolkit is already delivering meaningful results across the company.

Mark Thompson

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