Recruiting Talent


We recognized that our job opportunities were not reaching a wide and inclusive population.


We evaluated the effectiveness and demographics of the job boards where we were posting our opportunities. We then researched what else was out there as options. Criteria we looked for was the ease of use for posting jobs, the diversity in distribution, and then reporting on exactly where our opportunities landed. After our research we selected the LocalJobsNetwork, recently renamed as Circa.


Since we started using Circa, we have received 330 applicants for 61 opportunities placed.

What we really liked about switching to this distribution site was the monthly reporting scorecard we receive. For example, in June 2020 we had 13 active job opportunities with outreach to 514 individuals. Of those individuals our report states 5% were women, 11% were minorities, 19% were individuals with disabilities, and 12% were veterans. While we would love to see those number higher, we are excited to be able to measure our reach now so that we can improve. Our next steps will be to better optimize our profile within the platform now that we have baseline statistics. As well as update our internal tracking to have the ability to see how many individuals are hire from this new system.


Jennifer Cantero


I am proud of the steps our recruiting staff has taken to better our hiring process. I realize we still have a journey ahead of us and DEI work is not an overnight process. However, I am pleased that we are digging in and not just continuing to do things that we have always done. I want to break that cycle and nurture a more inclusive approach to our recruiting processes and procedures.

John Sensiba
Managing Partner, Sensiba LLP
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