Recruiting, Retaining and Advancing Women


Understanding that the contributions and perspectives of female leaders and pa1tners are invaluable to the firm, The Bonadio Group strives to support women at eve1y level in the accounting industry and provide the resources necessa1y to foster their career growth, including customized performance management, the Bonadio University training program, and benefits promoting an overall sense of wellness and employee recognition. For the past five years, The Bonadio Group has been designated a Best Accounting Firm for Women as well as a Best Accounting Firm for Equity Leadership by the Accounting & Financial Women's Alliance as part of the Accounting MOVE Project. In 2020, the firm was commended for maintaining its focus on advancing women with 40 percent women partners and principals, as well as for excelling at pay equity accountability with all hiring managers required to confirm that compensation aligns with the firm's equity policies.


Laura Meyers, Manager of Corporate Communications


In a traditionally male-dominated field like the accounting industry, it is critically important that we dedicate our efforts as a firm to fostering gender inclusivity and equality. We're proud that our activities in this area have been continually recognized among our peers and we look forward to continuing this progress, welcoming a greater percentage of women to our leadership team each year.

Bruce Zicari
CEO, The Bonadio Group
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