Recruiting Diverse Talent at Vi


Vi believes that different backgrounds and perspectives lead to a variety of ideas, knowledge, and ways of doing things that can positively contribute to individual, team, and Company performance. The converse is often true as well: team members from the same background may take actions based on a narrow range of experiences. By ensuring that our team includes team members from various social and cultural backgrounds, we widen the range of perspectives, knowledge, and approaches from which decisions are made.   


Vi continues to cultivate relationships to attract team members from various social and cultural backgrounds.

Towards supporting older works, Vi promotes “Encore Careers” on our Company’s website.  Additionally, Vi has established a partnership with AARP where we have a company profile page and are recognized as a spotlight employer and have featured job postings on their site.   As part of our commitment, Vi has signed, AARP’s employer pledge too - - committing to hiring individuals over the age of 50 and promotes Vi’s relationship with AARP on our career site.

Vi has also established a relationship with Direct Employers – includes all state departments of employment security and their job syndication alliances:

  • Professional Diversity Network and the following partner sites:
    • Millitary2Career
    • ProAble (for disabled candidates)
    • Asian Career Network
    • Women’s Career Channel
    • Black Career Network
    • Out Professional Network (LBGTQ)
    • iHispano

  • and Affinity sites
    • National Urban League
    • The Veterans Exchange
    • Greek Diversity
    • EBONY Career Center
    • IT Diversity
    • Tech Latino

Over the last three years, Vi has developed career ladders to support internal development/promotional growth as well as attracting apprentices in the culinary, nursing, and IT fields.  Additionally, Vi offers a one-year Management Development Program aspiring employees can self-nominate for that helps prepares individuals for future leadership roles within the Company.  These two programs in particular have been extremely supportive of internal self-directed development and career mobility as well as helping Vi attract high school and community college students for apprenticeship programs including with Chicago’s City Colleges and Roberti Community House.  Vi actively participates in community outreach at local high schools, community colleges, and trade schools in the form of job fairs and onsite career previews.  Because of the pandemic, onsite visits have been suspended but we continue our focus on apprentice programs.


While Vi realized high-levels of employee retention in 2020 and the lowest attrition rate in the last ten years and many less openings and applications – sourcing from the Vi’s affinity relationships resulted in over 350 direct applications in 2020.


Vi believes that by building a reputation for valuing differences, we can attract talented employees who know that we will appreciate and utilize the skills, backgrounds, perceptions, and knowledge they bring to the table. By making diversity recruitment deliberate, we can bring in employees who might not otherwise consider a career at Vi - - and positively enrich our workplace.

Randy Richardson
President and CEO, Vi
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