Recruiting Diverse Talent at Varada Consulting


Diversity hiring is more important than ever for federal contractors. The most common ethnicity in our industry is White, which makes up 77.4% of all government contractors. Comparatively, there are 14.4% of the Hispanic or Latino ethnicity and 3.5% of the Black or African American ethnicity.


With many nuances and regulations in the federal space, recruitment can be tricky. At Varada Consulting, the overarching expectation is that we need to make every effort to hire women, minorities, veterans, and the differently abled wherever possible. This doesn’t mean we must hire a diverse candidate for every position, but rather make a good faith effort to ensure our applicant pool is diverse. There are many steps we take to achieve this - first and foremost, we make sure our job description doesn’t overshoot requirements and post our job openings wisely to venues that cater to a diverse pool. Second, we have fun with our recruitment process and participate in diverse job fairs, associations, and local chapters to engage with the industry professionals they seek. Another key step we take in our recruitment efforts is having a consistent hiring process and documenting any and all good faith efforts made as well as any deviations to our process, so the what, when, who, and why is always answered.


As a result, we are proud to say that Varada Consulting has a 78% diverse workforce. We believe that taking these necessary steps allows us to be a flag-bearer for a new generation of companies where diversity is no longer an “issue” but a cornerstone of building a world-beating team that is reflective of the communities we are a part of and serve.


Diversity is cultivated by recognizing that each employee is unique, not only in race, religion, or upbringing, but in education, life experiences, and point of view. Embracing and creating a diverse and all-inclusive environment in the workplace is about acknowledging and exercising our differences to foster a space for connection, professional development, and collaboration with one another to stimulate innovation, create opportunities for advancement, and drive business growth.

Tori Druade
CEO, Varada Consulting
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