Recruiting Diverse Talent at Intuit


To optimally support our diverse customer base and fuel innovation, it is critical that we invest in recruiting diverse talent and increase the diversity of our talent pools. This investment requires our company to look outside of the talent pools that we’ve traditionally leveraged. If we don’t have diverse talent in the workplace, we will face difficulties understanding and addressing the needs of our diverse customers. 


Although our goal is to have our workforce be as diverse as possible, broadening our talent pools to tap into and expand our pipeline has been challenging. We have experienced this especially in recruiting people of color, veterans and those with special needs. To this end, we are making focused efforts to build and strengthen our internal and external partnerships to allow us the opportunity to leverage diverse talent communities. 

  • We have implemented a 3 year Diverse University Recruiting Strategy. The strategy focuses on recruiting at Historically Black Colleges/Universities and Hispanic Serving institutions, deepening our internal and external partnerships, and developing opportunities to personalize and differentiate the student experience.
  • We partner with The Honor Foundation which supports Special Operations veterans in transitioning to their next career after leaving the military. We participated on a “Trek” in November 2019, where the veterans had the opportunity to speak to Intuit leaders in various areas of the company.
  • By developing deeper relationships between our recruiting teams and our Employee Resource Groups, we are able to more fully involve the ERGs in the recruiting process. 
  • Our Intuit Again program is offered both in the US and India and focuses on assisting women in technology returning to the workforce. (Please see a separate case study published on the CEO Pledge Action site for more details).

We strongly believe in building interest and capability in technology through inspiration and talent creation. It is important for our long term strategy of creating equity to invest in the pipeline even if it doesn’t have an immediate impact on our recruiting. Our partnerships with, Girls Who Code (STEM), MLT, STRIVE, Integrate and TeamTreehouse are strengthening our helping to build a pathway for potential future employees.

  • Girls Who Code (STEM) offers mentoring opportunities for female high school students. We have been a long standing partner through their Summer Immersion Program.
  • Management Leadership for Tomorrow ( assists African American, Latinx and Native American men and women in transforming their career trajectories. In 2019 we hosted 200+ MLT fellows at our Mountain View offices to expose undergrad students to opportunities in Tech, and to build and develop skill sets that will lead to their success in business. We will be kicking off the 2020 trek in the coming months.
  • Piloted a leadership development program with STRIVE for 25 members of the African Ancestry Network with the goal of helping those achieve their personal and professional potential.
  • Team Treehouse offers an apprentice program for individuals who typically have not had exposure to the tech community. We are piloting a program for 5 engineering apprentices with the focus on women of color, and plan to expand this program based on the results of our first cohort.
  • Partnered with Integrate - Autism Employment Advisors, which is a non-profit organization that works with organizations to identify, recruit and retain professionals on the autism spectrum. In April 2020, we will host mock interview sessions for college juniors and seniors on the autism spectrum. 

We diligently and regularly measure & monitor our progress to ensure we stay focused on attracting, retaining and developing a diverse workforce. 

  • We report our data publicly in our annual CR report and proxy statement and through platforms like Bloomberg.
  • We ensure transparency internally through our D&I Dashboard which captures workforce demographics monthly. The data reflected on the dashboard is refreshed monthly and is available to our 9000+ employees. 

We strive to find diverse talent by fostering our partnerships, externally and internally, as well as exploring innovative pathways to reach new populations of prospective new hires. Intuit has mentored approximately 120 girls through the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program and many have been hired as interns. In the past fiscal year, we have hired 10 employees across Engineering, Sales, and TA through our MLT partnership. In addition, 86% of summer interns were recommended for a full-time offer. 


Tracy Stone


Check out the following video clips from both the 2018 and 2019 Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Programs Intuit was proud to host:

Intuit | Girls Who Code 2019

Intuit + Girls Who Code = Powering Prosperity

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