Recruiting Diverse Talent at Aon


We recognized our U.S. recruiting practice of sourcing talent through 4-year colleges and universities meant missing a wealth of untapped diverse talent.


We launched an apprenticeship program in the U.S. in 2016. This program mirrors what Aon developed in the UK in 2012, providing opportunities for young professionals to develop vital skills in the workplace while earning a competitive salary and 2-year degree as they learn.


Our apprenticeship program has helped us build an alternative talent pipeline of young, highly-skilled and diverse professionals (i.e., 90% of participants come from under-represented groups). It helps us attract the best and brightest, while providing those involved with advanced education and work experiences.


Lashana Jackson
[email protected]


We pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive work environment where opportunity and success are defined by one’s character, capability and contribution. We share a conviction that the cultivation of an inclusive culture—where diverse views and experiences are welcome, and everyone has opportunities to grow―is directly related to our ability to win in the market.

Greg Case
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