Recruiting Diverse Talent at Alteryx


Alteryx’s recruiting strategy has largely revolved around employee referrals and what some have described as a “shoulder tapping” With attrition levels at Alteryx being exceptionally high in 2021, there is even more pressure than usual to fill open headcount as quickly as possible. This has meant that leaders continually try to bypass the more rigorous recruiting strategies we have put into place reduce the number of “in-network” candidates Alteryx has primarily relied upon in building its workforce. While referral programs can be a very positive tool for sourcing candidates, referrals at Alteryx for the most part have created many limitations as it pertains to building a more diverse candidate pipeline. With that, the company has recently required that all job listings remain posted for a minimum of five days and that all open positions require a minimum of three candidate interviews. It hasn’t been easy to rewire the company’s thinking on its longstanding recruiting practices, but the CEO is committed to leading by example and mandating compliance with the company’s new recruiting practices and the DEI philosophy underpinning it.


Recruiting strategy requiring at least three candidates be interviewed before a job is offered. Requirement of keeping all open roles posted for a minimum of five days. CEO-led initiative to honor and abide by this new strategy and concerted push to senior leadership to commit to this new recruiting strategy.


First female Chief Revenue Officer hired in the company’s 23-year history, making that hire the most senior-level role ever held by a woman at Alteryx as it pertains to the Sales organization.


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