Recruiting Diverse Talent


For years we have hired diverse talent, yet struggled with the same challenge most organizations have faced – how do we ensure diversity at all levels of the organization? How do we truly live our Basic Beliefs to treat all AAA associates fairly with regard to employment opportunities, compensation, and potential for advancement, education and training?


Since 2018, we set annual shared incentive goals with our Senior Leadership Team. The goal is simple: Interview at least one diverse candidate for each job vacancy. What we have found is that when diversity is top of mind, leaders are more mindful of the "similar to me" tendency. We continue to challenge our implicit biases and have hired some of the most talented, diverse individuals across our organization.


For the past three years, our minority-hiring rate is strong at 38%. Our executive team is increasingly gender and ethnically diverse, in addition to the abundance of diverse lived experiences that each executive brings to the organization. We strongly believe that what you measure, you manage — as evidenced in our progress towards a diverse representation of employees at all levels.

AAA is proud to have 40% and growing female representation on our Senior Leadership Team. These talented women guide our automotive, brand, advocacy, technology, and travel business, culture, finances, legal and legendary roadside assistance. We’re grateful to have them in the driver’s seat.

Marshall Doney
CEO, AAA, Inc.
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