Recruit and Attract Diversity at All Levels


In the past Thought Ensemble has been a naturally diverse organization; however, we have not been intentional about recruiting and hiring diverse perspectives. And over time, our organization has become less and less diverse. We feel strongly that diversifying our talent broadens our perspectives, helping us develop more creative solutions for our clients and internal projects – while also helping us develop our culture of belonging and inclusivity. It is equally important for us to obtain diversity at the leadership level to bring new perspectives to our organization, helping support our employees, grow our clients, and expand our networks. A diverse leadership team is a catalyst for hiring and growing diverse perspectives across our organization.

  1. Be purposeful and intentional when seeking candidates, maintaining a balanced recruiting pipeline (~65% diverse)
  2. Develop interview process overview guide and tip sheet
  3. Review and update all job descriptions through the DEI lens, ensuring inclusivity
  4. Obtain and deliver conscious inclusion training for all interviews
  5. Expand reach of job postings by utilizing broader network and reaching out to diverse organizations
  • Increased diversity in recruiting pipeline by over 50%
  • Increased diversity on the consulting leadership team by 20%
  • Increased diversity across all levels:
    • 45% female (increase of 7%)
    • 24% ethnically diverse (increase of 13.5% over 9 months)

Lauren Malik


DEI is critical to us; it is a big part of our company purpose - to not only bring diverse perspectives together to better solve problems but also inspire other companies to do the same. We know this is a journey, we know we need to keep learning and growing, and we know we need to be purposeful and intentional to keep improving. We joined this CEO pledge as one part of our efforts to keep learning and growing along with our fellow business leaders. By sharing our challenges and ideas with other organizations, we can all be better together.

Lisa Jasper
CEO, Thought Ensemble
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