Ready to Return Program


Life happens and suddenly people have to make the tough decision to stop advancing their careers or leave their jobs entirely in order to care for a growing family or elder parent. After an extended period away from work, re-entry becomes daunting and competition remains fierce.


Visa launched its “Ready to Return” program in Silicon Valley to create opportunities for those returning to the workforce after taking an extended period of time away to address family needs. In an effort to remove barriers, we provide a two-day conference designed to help this valuable talent pool write stellar resumes, perfect interview skills, build their personal brands and receive executive coaching with tips and inspiration for their next career search.

Centered around an interactive networking experience, attendees are also given exposure to jobs at Visa that will give them an opportunity to thrive. The overall goal is to reinforce to all attendees their value and worth in the workplace, while also arming them with the tools they need to tackle their next career move. 

  • At the end of the two-day workshop, some of the returnees joined the Visa team, while several others found employment at other companies.
  • Visa “Ready to Return” hires express high satisfaction with their jobs, increased loyalty to the company and great success in their roles.

“Ready to Return’ gave me confidence to pursue the jobs I am qualified for despite the gap on my resume. Companies that recognize the un-tapped talent in those who are choosing to take a side-step in their career to care for family will find qualified talent that is more motivated and loyal — they have that in me.” – Visa Ready to Return Attendee

  • Due to the overwhelming popularity of the introductory program last year, Visa is hosting another conference this year in Silicon Valley.


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